3 Incredible Benefits of Frozen Embryo Transfer

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3 Incredible Benefits of Frozen Embryo Transfer

Sometimes couples undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) need more than a single cycle to conceive. In recent years, frozen embryo transfers (FET) has become a popular option before moving to a fresh IVF cycle. FET at PRC allows you to extend the chance of pregnancy per egg retrieval, saving you time and money.


A frozen embryo transfer (FET) is a cycle in which the frozen embryos from a previous fresh IVF or donor egg cycle are thawed and then transferred back into the woman’s uterus.

Lower Cost

The cost of frozen egg transfer is significantly lesser than a fresh cycle of IVF. This combination of reduced cost and equal success rates makes frozen embryo transfers an exciting option over fresh IVF cycle at the top IVF & egg fertility clinic in Los Angeles.

Less Medication

In a fresh cycle, you would again need to take stimulation medication. On the other hand FET IVF & egg fertility clinic in Los Angeles just requires you to use estrogen and progesterone to thicken the lining of their uterus in preparation for the embryo transfer to allow implantation. The stimulation phase was done in the first cycle. No egg retrieval is required either.

Less Stress

FET is often less stressful than fresh IVF cycles. In a fresh cycle, you again go through stimulation and egg retrieval. You go straight to implantation phase that saves you stress.

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