3 Most Important Things to Ensure a Successful Embryo Transfer during IVF

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3 Most Important Things to Ensure a Successful Embryo Transfer during IVF

Embryo Transfer day is the most important day of the IVF cycle. The day is the culmination of all your hopes and at the same time, your anxieties. So what do you do? Infertility specialists at Pacific Reproductive Center explain the truth about what needs to be done and what doesn’t on the embryo transfer day.

Request for the most experienced doctor

As a patient, it is your privilege to ask for the best doctor in the team. PRC doctors are extensively trained and experienced in infertility treatment and IVF. They have been instrumental in advancing the understanding and treatment of fertility and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Discuss in advance about the number of embryos being transferred

Till very recently, doctors would transfer more than embryo to ensure that at least one would implant. But with modern technology, this may no longer be necessary. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis during your IVF fertility treatment at Pacific Reproductive Center, LA ensures that the embryo being transferred is healthy and free from most inherited disorders. A healthy embryo has a greater chance of implanting, reaching full term and being born as a healthy baby.

Relax and trust the process

Do not give in to hearsay. Understand the process from your doctor well in advance. S/he is the one who knows what is best for you. Bring your partner along for support. Although it is natural to be a little anxious, do not let stress takes a toll. PRC, and their experienced infertility doctors in Los Angeles, have acupuncturists to help you reduce any stress and anxiety on your important IVF day and throughout the treatment.

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