4 Leading Causes of Male Infertility Now Treatable

Male infertility

4 Leading Causes of Male Infertility Now Treatable

According to clinical studies, around 35% of all infertility cases are related to male fertility issues. Male infertility can be caused due to several factors. Fortunately, male infertility treatment is now available at the top Fertility Treatment Clinic, Pacific Reproductive Center in Los Angeles. Male infertility can be divided into four main categories.

Pre-testicular causes

These are problems that occur due to some form of hormone deficiency, such as a problem with the pituitary gland or hypothalamus. Men who have this type of infertility often have underdeveloped male characteristics. As part of male infertility treatment at leading fertility treatment clinic, Pacific Reproductive Center Los Angeles, hormone imbalance correction can be treated using hormone replacement therapy or medications to restore body hormones.

Testicular causes

These problems can be genetic, based on birth defects, or testicular compromised from physical damage or toxins.

Sperm disorders

This includes problems with sperm transport, function, or motility. Male fertility treatment for sperm quality at Pacific Reproductive Center Los Angeles includes treatments such as IUI or Intrauterine Insemination where the sperms is washed and concentrated for insemination. This ensures that only the healthiest sperm is used.

Sexual dysfunction

This includes erectile dysfunction problems, premature ejaculation, and a decreased libido. Male fertility treatment at Pacific Reproductive Center Los Angeles for sexual dysfunction is done using medication.

Pacific Reproductive Center Los Angeles, top male fertility treatment clinic offers the latest treatments with Board Certified and highly experienced fertility specialists and compassionate staff.

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