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4 Super Benefits of Egg Freezing

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4 Super Benefits of Egg Freezing

More and more women are deciding to freeze their eggs. Egg freezing has given women the ability to have children when the timing is right for them regardless of the ticking biological clock. Egg Freezing offers women the chance to preserve their eggs under the supervision of an experienced fertility specialist. Egg freezing in Irvine and Los Angeles has shown promising pregnancy rates for women who use their eggs later. Here are the top egg freezing benefits offered by Irvine’s Pacific Reproductive Center.


All women are born with a limited number of eggs that decreases with age. The ovarian reserve is most favorable for
women in their early 20s and eventually drops to a small percentage as women reach 40s. Egg freezing helps women to be able to use their own eggs and have biological children even after 35.


Egg quality declines as women age and the possibility of conception too. PRC allows women to preserve the eggs when they are most healthy to increase the chances of conception through IVF in the future.


Egg freezing at Irvine’s Pacific Reproductive Center allows women to pursue personal and career goals and become mothers at a time that is right for them. You can take time to be in a secure relationship, focus on your professional goals and ultimately take control of your life.


Egg freezing and donation in Los Angeles has shown successful outcomes. Many women have been able to have babies from their frozen eggs.

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