PRC | 4 Top Reasons to use an Egg Donor for your IVF

4 Top Reasons to use an Egg Donor for your IVF

4 Top Reasons to use an Egg Donor for your IVF

Did you know many couples who go through fertility treatments have babies with the help of donor eggs? Here are the top reasons why it may be a better idea to use donor eggs.

Carry and give birth to your baby

Donor eggs give you the opportunity to have a baby if you cannot conceive yourself. If you have one of the following medical conditions, donor eggs let you become pregnant, carry a baby and give birth –

  • premature menopause
  • premature ovarian failure
  • very low ovarian reserve
  • age-related fertility issues
  • risk of passing a genetic disease

Success rates

Treatment with donor eggs has shown good success rates, thanks to egg preservation with modern technology and advancements in medicine. If you have experienced failed IVF cycles, donor eggs may be the solution you are looking for.

High quality eggs

Donor eggs come from healthy, young women with optimum fertility. This puts donor egg receivers in the highest success rate category for IVF. Leading clinics only use suitable egg donors who are willing to donate their eggs to help other women have a baby.

Choose your egg donor

Many clinics have donor egg banks and have donor eggs ready for your treatment. You can go through personal profiles of egg donors to select the donor whose eggs will be sued for your IVF cycle.


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