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Attached is a picture of our daughter. She is now 3 years old. She is so full of life and a tremendous joy to my husband and I.

Thank you again for helping us bring her into this world and our family! She is truly a blessing and miracle!





A week before I was going to have a hysterectomy, my husband and I were referred to Dr. Salem. From day one, the PRC staff was welcoming and helpful. We were never pressured into doing something we didn’t want or couldn’t afford. Our son was born in November, 2009; Dr. Salem and his staff have changed our lives forever!




We first met Dr. Salem in 2000 when I was older (39), and on my fourth try became pregnant with our beautiful little girl. A couple years later, we knew there was another child waiting for us, and on our third try I became pregnant with our second beautiful daughter. We feel very blessed to have our two miracle girls!




After years of trying to get pregnant, I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and underwent several surgeries and hormone treatments until my OB/GYN referred me to PRC. Dr. Salem and his staff helped me through what was one of the most daunting obstacles I ever had to face. Just six weeks after our first meeting, we were able to successfully conceive our baby through IVF. We are so grateful to PRC’s staff and technologies for the beautiful boy we hold in our arms today.




Knowing that I had a genetic condition that gave me us a 50/50 chance of having children—and after two unsuccessful attempts at IVF with other clinics—we were referred to Dr. Salem and his dedicated staff. After our initial consult, we were ready for another attempt with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). The next year we were blessed with a beautiful genetically healthy boy who brings us joy each and every day of our lives. A few years later, using genetically healthy frozen embryos, we had our second child. Dr. Salem is a very knowledgeable and dedicated doctor, and the entire PRC staff works well together and always has the patient’s best interest in mind.




After nearly nine years of not getting pregnant naturally, we were referred to PRC. Right away, my husband and I were impressed by center’s service, staff and professionalism. I’ll never forget what Dr. Salem said to me after I successfully conceived my son: “You will never have to come back, because if you want to conceive another child, your body will know how to do it on it own.” Months later, I did get pregnant on my own with our second son! I can never thank Dr. Salem and his staff enough for everything they did for us.




At age 40, I had two miscarriages and was told that my chances of getting pregnant were low. But I was fortunate enough to get pregnant with my first IVF treatment at PRC. My heart is full of gratitude for our daughter, and thankful for Dr. Salem and all the staff at PRC for their care and expertise.




When my OB/GYN determined that both my husband and I were infertile, we were immediately referred to Dr. Salem. The next few years weren’t easy, but thanks to PRC’s professionalism and support I finally became pregnant and gave birth to our beautiful daughter. We are so grateful we partnered with Dr. Salem.




Been to the corona and Torrance locations very nice clean and great staff highly recommend


-Amanda Leigh Birchfield