Is There An Age To Start Thinking of Fertility?

Is There An Age To Start Thinking of Fertility?

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Is There An Age To Start Thinking of Fertility?

Most women wonder what the right age is to start thinking about their fertility.Many fertility experts are of the opinion that women should start thinking about fertility in their 30s if they haven’t had kids yet, want to have more in the future or are facing problems already. Here are a few important indicators, as described by doctors at the leading infertility treatment clinic in Los Angeles, Pacific Reproductive Center.


Female fertility has been seen to start declining after 20s, although conception rates are still high in the 30s. However, as you enter 30s, it is a good time to begin thinking about when you want to have children.

Women who experience irregular menstrual cycles or have a family history of early menopause, should see an infertility doctor at a good clinic, such as Pacific Reproductive Center in LA and Glendale, in their 20s itself. The doctor can assess whether there is a cause to be concerned or not and then suggest an appropriate course of action.


Women who wish to take time and become mothers later can go for ovarian reserve testing to help assess their fertility potential. Results can provide a reliable estimate of your fertility.


If you are not sure when you want to have a child but want that possibility later, you could choose to freeze your eggs. More women are now choosing to freeze their eggs than ever before. It allows you the freedom to plan your future.

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