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Common Reasons Why Women Choose to Freeze their Eggs

Common Reasons Why Women Choose to Freeze their Eggs

Egg freezing refers to the preserving eggs for later use. A fertility specialist would retrieve eggs from you. These eggs would be stored at a temperature below freezing. This keeps the egg viable until it is thawed for later use during a fertility procedure.

Why Women Choose Egg Freezing

There are many reasons why women choose to freeze their eggs.

  • Saving young eggs for later use – With natural aging processes, the quality of a woman’s eggs tends to diminish. To be able to have a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby later in life, a woman may choose to freeze her eggs at a young age.
  • Saving Eggs Prior to a Medical Treatment – Some medical treatments can negatively impact a woman’s reproductive health. Women choose to save their eggs through egg freezing or cryopreservation so that they can have a baby later.
  • Donating Eggs for Others – Some women decide to donate their eggs to be used by other couples who can’t conceive with their eggs. The donated eggs are frozen to prevent egg quality degradation.
  • Uncertainty About Getting Pregnant – Having a baby is a major life decision, and you may not be sure whether you want to become a mother or not. Women who are not sure about having children but would still like to have that option later, egg freezing is a good idea.


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