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How does an EmbryoScope Help with Fertility?

How does an EmbryoScope Help with Fertility?

Any couple that is dealing with infertility soon gets introduced to a whole realm of new terminology when they are seeking out solutions. One term that they may come across is EmbryoScope.

What is an EmbryoScope?


This is a device that has the ability to maintain the physiological conditions that an embryo needs when they are being housed in an IVF laboratory. It is an incubator that possesses a time lapse system and a camera. As the embryo develops this system and camera is able to capture the images and then record them in video form.

This is a highly important piece of equipment that the embryologist can count on for monitoring the embryo.  While the embryo is in the incubator cell divisions can be monitored and studies of the embryo’s development can be tracked.

What is the Value of The Embryoscope findings?


Some of the recent findings are that certain events that take place along with cell time points might help with being able to predict the potential for embryo development and the potential for pregnancy. With the information the Embryoscope is able to provide it can help with this.

By making use of these time points it can allow for the selection of the best of the embryos from the collection, plus determine how viable those embryos will be. The cell division pattern that can be captured with this device can be considered as a valuable resource for choosing the embryo that could be the best for implanting in the patient’s uterus through IVF.

It takes a time lapse camera to be able to capture these time points. In the past this has not been possible with the use of a microscope because time points between embryos may not be the same.

This new technology is showing a great deal of promise with some of the studies backing this up. It is indicated that there may be a 15 to 20% increase in the chance of a pregnancy developing.

Standard Embryos Selection


Without the use of the Embryoscope, the standard selection of the embryo for IVF or ICSI is used.  The embryos are housed in a highly controlled environment that mimics what a woman’s body would be like. They are kept in heated incubators.

These embryos are contained in small lab dishes which are periodically removed from the incubator so they can be checked for development which should be occurring at specific times.  They are placed under a microscope for this observation.  The findings of this examination will help to determine which of the embryos are most likely to succeed in a successful pregnancy. These observations must be done quickly so the embryos can be returned to the heated incubators.

All indications are that the Embryoscope has the technology to allow for better choosing of which embryo would be the better choice for transplantation. This greatly helps to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy for those going through IVF.  An added and very important benefit of the Embryoscope may be in its use for helping to predict if an embryo is chromosomally abnormal.

This is just another one of the many advancements that is being made to help couples experience the joy of a full term pregnancy and the birth of a healthy infant.

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