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Hope for Women Who Regret Having Sterilization Procedure

Hope for Women Who Regret Having Sterilization Procedure

Sterilization Procedure Tubal ReversalIf you’ve had 5 children and you think that’s enough, or if you don’t want a family at all then you might have had a female sterilization procedure known as tubal ligation. This is where the two fallopian tubes which connect the ovaries to the uterus are tied up. It works in the following way”


  1. Usually, the ovaries release an egg once per menstrual cycle
  2. The egg travels through the fallopian tube
  3. The egg travels into the uterus where it is either fertilized and implants into the uterus wall, or is not and degenerates resulting in the loss of the uterus all in a process known as menstruating.
  4. When the tubes are tied or “ligated” the egg cannot enter the uterus and be fertilized, meaning you cannot become pregnant.


Many women are 100% certain that their family is finished at the time of the operation. Most do not regret the decision and appreciate life post children without the worry of birth control. But for a small minority of women, it can become a major regret. This is what happened to Donna from Australia, who recently talked about her regret to PerthNow news


“I’d had my tubes tied 12 years before,” she said. Then she thought her family was finished, but new life circumstances meant she desperately wanted another child. Donna underwent a tubal reversal procedure – where surgeons reversed the tied tubes allowing her to have a child.


“She’s a bit of a miracle, seeing as I had my tubes tied for 12 years,” She told PerthNow.


“Hopefully someone reads the story and it gives them comfort in a similar situation to never give up, always think positive and things can turn out all ok,’ Mrs. Fiorenza wrote in a Facebook post.


And she isn’t the only mother to spread the hope. On BabyCenter.com Mom Mendey wrote “I I just wanted to give you some hope, I had my tubal reversal in sept 2009 and finally got preg[nant] in nov 2011”

How can I get this procedure done?


Donna’s story provides hope for thousands of Americans in a similar situation. In the US, there are a number of specialized fertility clinics that will provide the tubal reversal procedure. The procedure involved a small camera being inserted through a small cut Doctors will make in your pelvis, the camera means the surgeons don’t have to perform open surgery which is far riskier. Using this technique (called a laparoscopy) the surgeons use small instruments to remove the rings that were put there when you first had the procedure.


Around 50% of woman will get pregnant in the next year or two. If you have the procedure under the age of 40 is more likely to succeed – although this shouldn’t put you off if you are over 40 as the procedure an still be successful.


If you or someone you know is thinking about getting the procedure – contact a specialized fertility clinic in your area today.

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