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What are the Odds of Conceiving Twins?

What are the Odds of Conceiving Twins?

Expecting twins is not as scarce a phenomenon as it may sound. If anything, a woman’s chances of multiple births depend on a number of factors.

the odds of conceiving twinsWhile identical twins are formed by the fertilization of the egg by a single sperm and the subsequent division of the egg, fraternal twins are a result of two sperms fertilizing an egg. Whichever way twins are born, the possibility of having twins can depend on the following factors:

  • Family history
  • Treatment in terms of fertility
  • Age
  • Genetic factors
  • Lifestyle choices

Recent Findings on Chances of Twins

Recently, an obstetrician working at the Queen Alexandra Hospital cleared up a lot of queries regarding twins and odds of conceiving them. In terms of family history, Davies has the following answers:

  • Having twins is solely related to family history of the woman.
  • There are not any higher chances of having twins even if the men`s side of the family has a lot of twins.
  • This is because the eggs are being produced in the woman.

Davies says that a woman’s chances of having twins is increased by the presence of twins in her immediate or extended family.

Research has also indicated the possibility of twins being born if a woman already has more children. Having more kids is a sign that a woman’s ovulation process is well-regulated and by increasing the number of kids, a couple gives more chances for the second sperm to get lucky and form a twin.

Davies says in this regard, “The more children you’ve had, the more likely at some stage you’ll conceive multiples”.

Age and Possibility of Having Twins

Research has shown that women between the age of 30 and 40 are more likely to have twins. This is due to:

  • Working of the ovaries
  • Change in functionality of ovaries with age
  • Possibly, it is due to the fact that body may release more than one egg close to menopause.

The last point was further cleared up by Emma Cannon, a fertility expert, “’There is some idea that the older you are the more likely you are to conceive twins, because apparently as you reach the end of your fertile life the body panics a bit and often releases more than one egg, so that’s one way – it’s a bit risky though!”

Quite surprisingly, the origin of a person also affects the possibility of their body for conceiving twins. While research in this regard is a bit less substantial, it is still assumed that these differences are due to climate.

  • Twins are rare in South East Asia.
  • Nigeria has the highest rate of twins, with one in every 20 pregnancies.
  • One in every 60 pregnancies results in twins in Western Europe.
  • The difference could be due to climate and diet.

Lifestyle and Chances of Conceiving Twins

Research has indicated that there is a lower chance of a vegan woman having twins as compared to the one who has a high-fat diet. This difference is due to the stimulation of hormones that is caused by various foods. Thus, the lack of availability of that particular food in one’s diet lowers the chance of having twins.

According to Davies, “The possible causes of this are subtle hormonal changes in people with these different diets, as well as perhaps someone with a higher fat diet having a higher body mass index (BMI) – that’s a measure for checking how healthy your weight is in relation to your height.”

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