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Financial Options

Financial Options


Pacific Reproductive Center understands that the challenges of infertility are emotional, physical, and financial. At PRC, we take a proactive approach to making fertility care more affordable.


Individual Care and Treatment Options


Every family’s situation is different. Our goal is to offer financial resources to make fertility care possible. For our families without insurance we offer Cash Courtesy Pricing and Multiple Cycle Option plans.


For those families with insurance will benefit from our “Patient Insurance Benefit Confirmation” worksheet. PRC created this resource for our patients to use when contacting their insurance companies. We will work with you to verify and maximize your benefits. We follow all the federal and state laws regarding health insurance billing and are coded according to the guidelines stated by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the American Medical Society. Also note, we never charge a cycle coordination fee to our patients with insurance benefits.


For more possible savings, PRC will gladly accept diagnostic testing that has been completed with a patient’s primary care physician or OB-GYN. If the tests are within normal limits and have been done in a timely manner, we can minimize your costs by eliminating the need to repeat them.

Special Considerations


PRC welcomes and appreciates those who serve our community, and we offer special financial consideration to military personnel, public safety officers and teachers. Let us know if your family belongs to one of those service professions. We will review financial considerations with you during your consultation.


Making Fertility Care Affordable


PRC has created The Fertility Access Plan to give hope to people who want to build a family but may not have the financial resources. Our goal is to open doors to all couples dreaming of adding to their families. The Fertility Access Plan option is open to those families without insurance or with a combined income less than $73,000. We are happy to review financial considerations and plan eligibility during your consultation.


An Option for Everyone