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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)


Pacific Reproductive Center offers three options for our intrauterine insemination patients.


Natural IUI


Upon completion of diagnostic testing your cycle will be monitored via ultrasounds and blood work. No medications are used to stimulate your ovaries and an IUI will be performed.


Clomid Cycle


Upon completion of diagnostic testing your cycle will be monitored via ultrasounds and blood work. Beginning cycle day 3 you will begin taking the oral medication called Clomid. This medication will ‘boost’ your ovarian production slightly.


Natural or Clomid Cycle – per attemptAges 21-44
Office Visit (approximately 3 per cycle)$90
Ultrasound (approximately 3 per cycle)$155
Insemination with sperm preparation$585
Estimated cost for a Natural IUI Cycle:$_________
Estimated cost for a Clomid IUI Cycle:$_________
Estimated cost of medications:$_________

Injectable Cycle


Upon completion of diagnostic testing, and once stimulation injectable medications begin, the Injectable Cycle option applies. (The start date is noted on your cycle calendar.) The services covered are:


  • Office visits and ultrasound
  • Lab tests (all routine labs through stimulation and two pregnancy tests)
  • Fees do not include any pre-cycle testing, or medications
  • Charges are not eligible for insurance billing; an itemized bill will not be provided for self submittal
  • Patients who have fertility coverage their insurance will be billed for each date of service:
  • Estimated co-insurance: $____________ (deposit)


Injectable Cycle – per attemptAges 21-44
Office Visits (up to 4 visits)Included
Ultrasound (up to 4 per cycle)Included
Insemination with sperm preparationIncluded
Estimated cost for a Injectable IUI Cycle:
Estimated cost of medications:$_________

NOTE: A cancellation fee will apply if cycle is cancelled for non-medical reasons after stimulation begins. Patients will be billed a $475 cancellation fee, and for each date services were provided including laboratory services.