PRC | Refund Option Plan

Refund Option Plan

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IVF Refund Option Plan


IVF Refund Program. Sign Up for 3 IVF Cycles and Get up to a 90 Percent Refund if Not Successful

(* Patients must qualify. See criteria listed below)


Services covered:


  • Office visits and ultrasounds
  • Lab tests (all routine labs through stimulation and two pregnancy tests post transfer)
  • Egg retrieval and embryo transfer
  • Fees do not include pre-cycle testing, medications, Cryopreservation or anesthesia
  • Charges are not eligible for insurance billing; an itemized bill will not be provided for self-submittal
  • Total payment due on Lupron Instruction date noted on calendar




  • All patients are required to pay upfront for 3 cycle costs
  • Success with this program is pregnancy (after 12 weeks, patients are released to their OBGYNs)
  • Patients are not refunded if they get pregnant on the first or second cycle. Patients are only eligible for a refund if they miscarry before 12 weeks
  • Patients cannot use donor eggs


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All medication is paid separately to the pharmacy per attempt and is not included


Additional Criteria


  • Patients must be between the ages of 21 and 37
  • Completion of all three IVF cycles within a 12-month period
  • All testing must be completed within one-three menstrual cycles prior to the start of treatment
  • FSH must be 8 or less and E2 within normal limits; blood work must be completed at the PRC in-house lab
  • Hysteroscopy must be performed at the Women’s Health Surgery Center, with a result of the uterine cavity measurement being 70mm or greater
  • Prior to starting birth control pills, a mid-cycle ultrasound will be performed with the lining measurement between 8-10mm
  • Completion of semen analysis with results within the normal range, or ICSI will be required
  • If testicular biopsy needed, donor sperm must be purchased as a back-up option
  • PGD is not an offered service with the Refund Option Plan


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