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Single vs. Multiple Embryo Transfer with IVF?

Single vs. Multiple Embryo Transfer with IVF?

Advancements in fertility medicine have made it possible for many couples to overcome several causes, and conditions, underlying infertility. The most successful of these treatment options is IVF, or In Vitro Fertilization. IVF assists with many stages of conception and truly maximizes a couple’s chances of becoming parents.

IVF includes ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, and fertilization, embryo transfer. In most cases, patients have multiple viable embryos that can be implanted in the woman’s uterus, so they may have to choose how many they would like to transfer.

Multiple Embryo Transfer and Implantation Rates

After struggling with infertility, many couples want to want to do anything possible to increase their chances of success. Hence, it is not rare to see couples wanting to have multiple embryos transferred.

However, it is important to understand the factors affecting IVF implantation success rates. It is often assumed that multiple embryos increase the likelihood of implantation, but implantation success actually depends more on the quality of the embryos transferred than the quantity.

The age of the patient and the quality of embryos transferred – both play a huge role in implantation success rates. It has been seen that in patients using their own fresh embryos, the percentage of transferred embryos, that finally implant, is about 40% for women under the age of 35.

The implant rates fall to just above 30% for women aged 35 – 37, around 20% for women aged 38 – 40, and just about 8% for patients, over the age of 40 years.

Advanced fertility centers can grade embryos so that only the most viable embryos can be chosen for transfer.

Embryo Transfer and Multiple Births

Another important factor in choosing the number of embryos to be transferred is the possibility of multiple births. When multiple embryos are transferred to the uterus, the likelihood of a multiple birth increases significantly.

If you have been struggling with infertility, the idea of twins or triplets may sound great. However, you need to realize that multiple births may result in premature births or low birth weights, both of which can cause complications.

Multiple embryo transfer may still be a good option for some couples but you need to weight all the options carefully, with your fertility specialist, before the transfer procedure in your IVF cycle.

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