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Stress due to Infertility among Men is NOT a Myth!

Stress due to Infertility among Men is NOT a Myth!

Women struggling with infertility go through tremendous stress. This is a known fact.

But what about men?

Did you know that the male partner is the only or contributing cause of infertility in almost 40% of infertile couples? (American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). Yet when we think of infertility, the focus is generally on women.  In addition, there’s little research on how infertility affects a man’s stress levels.

Three studies presented at the 2017 ASRM conference showed that the stress men undergo and their emotional needs have so far not been considered and that it is extremely important to deal with these needs.

While it’s not good news, acknowledging and documenting this gap is important. Research results emphasize the need to deal with all factors affecting infertility and these factors include stress. Men should have access to mental health professionals during fertility treatment.

While women often use social support as a coping mechanism, men may try distancing themselves from the issue.

Regardless of the gender differences, men and women struggling with infertility can reduce stress with counseling, yoga and relaxation techniques.

Another most important thing to do is to see a fertility specialist. If you have been trying to become parents for some time but without success, your fertility specialist can help to identify the underlying cause and offer appropriate treatment.

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