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The Advantages of Egg Freezing

The Advantages of Egg Freezing

Many women make the decision to have their eggs frozen and this affords them the opportunity to decide when they feel the time is right to start a family and not whenever society dictates it is correct to do so. Egg freezing involves a specialist physician removing the eggs from a woman’s ovaries and then has the cells frozen, through standard laboratory practices. The process has come a long way in terms of technological advancement and it has changed the course of reproductive health leaving women feeling less anxious and having more power over their lives.

In general, the pregnancy rates in women who decide to have their eggs frozen are the same as those who conceive with unfrozen eggs. There are some who worry about possible birth defects with previously frozen eggs and while the possibility is there, the rate is pretty much the same as in those who have never had their eggs frozen. Clinical studies have demonstrated that the treatment outcomes between fresh and frozen eggs are very similar.

There are numerous reasons as to why women would like to freeze their eggs and these will be discussed further.

There is a Limited Supply of Eggs

  • Each woman is born with the ability to produce only a certain amount of eggs during her lifetime.
  • The peak time is her 20s with the chances of becoming pregnant every month being 25 percent. In her 30s, this drops to 15 percent and in the 40s to 5 percent.
  • Therefore, egg freezing allows one to improve the chances of having biological children at a more advanced aged.

The Quality of Eggs Diminishes with Age

  • As one age so does the quality of the eggs due to the increased possibility of chromosomal damage to the genes of the cells.
  • This increases the risk of miscarriage and freezing allows one the opportunity to protect younger, better quality eggs for future conception.

Pressure Being Lifted from the Shoulders

  • In some cultures and families, women are expected to have children at a particular time in their lives.
  • Freezing their eggs takes a massive load off their chests as this allows them the opportunity to decide when the time is right for them without worrying about getting to an age where conception starts to become more challenging.
  • Even if they never get to use the frozen eggs, just knowing that they are available reduces one’s anxiety.

Allowing One to Focus on a Career and Personal Goals

  • Egg freezing allows a woman to take control of her personal and career plans and work out her goals for herself without having to worry about her biological clock timing out.

Safety and Efficacy

  • As mentioned, the research performed on fresh and previously frozen eggs has shown that the treatment outcomes between the two scenarios are similar and this is a very important factor that women who look into egg freezing.

The procedures of extracting the eggs and then re-implanting them are absolutely safe when performed by the correct professionals.

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