Tips and Suggestions on How to Conceive Twins or Triplets Naturally

Tips and Suggestions on How to Conceive Twins or Triplets Naturally

Conceive Twins or Triplets NaturallyWhether it is a personal choice or cultural necessity, having multiple children from a single pregnancy is sought after by certain people. Although one may say that nature should rather be left to take its course, there are ways that one can try and improve the chances of conceiving multiple children at one time. There are certain factors that can increase the chances of conceiving multiple embryos and these will be mentioned together with tips and suggestions on how to conceive twins or triplets naturally. There are also certain medications that can stimulate ovulation (release of an egg from the ovaries).

Factors Involved in an Increased Incidence of Twins or Triplets

  • The chances of having non-identical twins or triplets increases in women who are around 35 years of age because multiple eggs may be released by the ovaries due to an estrogen-spike that occurs before she enters the perimenopausal stage.
  • Genetics plays an important role in the chances of having twins or triplets. A family history of conceiving multiple embryos, therefore, increases the chances of one having twins or triplets.
  • Certain racial groups such as African and Native American ethnicities have a higher rate of twin and triplet pregnancies.
  • Taller women are more likely to have twins or triplets.

Natural Tips and Suggestions

  • One may attempt to get pregnant after discontinuing hormonal contraception. There are hormonal fluctuations that occur during the first couple of cycles after doing so and this can result in multiple eggs being released from the ovaries.
  • Women with a higher body mass index (BMI) are more likely to have twins or triplets than those with a lower BMI. It is still suggested though that a healthy BMI of between 20 and 25 is aimed for as there are health risks associated with being obese.
  • Taking a folate supplement the month before trying to conceive is another way how to get pregnant with twins.
  • Male partners are recommended taking zinc supplements or consuming foods that contain high levels of this essential element. Zinc is an integral part of sperm production and is present in foods such as oysters, fortified cereals, green and leafy vegetables, wheat germ, and seeds. The healthier and more abundant the amount of sperm in the ejaculate, the better the chances of fertilizing multiple eggs if they are present.
  • Women who include yams and sweet potatoes in their diet are more likely to have twin or triplet pregnancies according to clinical studies.1 Apparently, a naturally occurring chemical found in these foods helps to support adequate and proper ovarian function.
  • Women who keep producing the hormone prolactin are also more likely to conceive twin or triplets so continued breastfeeding of an older baby or young toddler helps to keep prolactin levels elevated.

Medications that Stimulate Ovulation

  • Clomid is a relatively cheap and inexpensive drug which is used to stimulate ovarian function to produce viable eggs for fertilization. Women who already ovulate and who want twins or triplets can discuss the use of this medication with their physicians to help stimulate the release of multiple eggs.
  • Femara is also an ovary-stimulating medication but does not help stimulate the release of multiple eggs like Clomid does.
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