Top 5 Reasons To Women Choose Tubal Reversal Surgery

Top 5 Reasons To Women Choose Tubal Reversal Surgery

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Top 5 Reasons To Women Choose Tubal Reversal Surgery

Many women, who underwent tubal ligation surgery when they were younger, later regret that decision. Fortunately, tubal ligation can be reversed so that women can conceive again, through modern tubal reversal surgery. Also called tubal reanastomosis, tubal reversal surgery is done to untie, reopen, or reconnect a woman’s fallopian tubes so she may get pregnant. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, women younger than 30 years of age are more likely to regret having a tubal ligation procedure.

The top fertility specialists at Pacific Reproductive Center in Los Angeles share the top reasons women choose tubal reversal surgery.

Advantages over IVF

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is often expensive with multiple cycles required for a single pregnancy. On the other hand, tubal reversal surgery is extremely effective, costs much less and gives women the ability to have multiple, natural pregnancies.

No risks or side effects

Tubal reversal surgery is safe, effective, and risk-free. There are no proven side effects if you possess good reproductive health. Factors like age, length of tubes and sperm count are typically considered before tubal ligation reversal surgery. These factors will determine success after the procedure.

Natural Conception

Tubal ligation reversal surgery gives women the ability to conceive naturally and normally. Women can conceive a baby naturally through sexual intercourse within a few months after surgery.


Tubal reversal surgery costs much less than fertility treatments such as IVF.

Better chances of pregnancy

Rapid healing and natural conception contributes to higher successful outcomes for successful pregnancies and the ability to have many subsequent pregnancies.

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