Tubal Reversal Or IVF – Which One Would You Choose?

Tubal Reversal Or IVF – Which One Would You Choose?

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Tubal Reversal Or IVF – Which One Would You Choose?

Many women who have undergone tubal ligation in the past find themselves wanting another child s time passes. There are two ways a woman can get pregnant after tubal ligation – Tubal reversal surgery and In Vitro Fertilization (or IVF) at Los Angeles. If you are thinking which one to opt for out of the two, this blog can help you.


Tubal ligation aims to interrupt the Fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy. Tubal reversal surgery is performed to reconnect the tubes and make pregnancy possible. A tubal reversal surgery requires only a day for the procedure and a week of light bed-rest following it. About three months after the surgery, patients have a HSG to check the status of the tubes. If, the HSG confirms that the tubes are open, then the patient can begin trying to get pregnant on her next cycle.

On the other hand, a cycle of IVF takes about two months to complete. Many women require multiple rounds of IVF to achieve pregnancy, but treatment is usually completed within a year.

For younger women, who have no other fertility problems, tubal reversal surgery at Los Angeles’ Pacific Reproductive Center makes can be the right choice. Two other factors need to be considered before tubal reversal – if there is enough healthy tissue on each end of the tube to be reconnected and whether the reconnected tube is long enough to function properly.


Age is a key factor in the decision between IVF and tubal reversal surgery at Los Angeles’ fertility clinic, Pacific Reproductive Center. Younger women should go for tubal reversal since there are no ovarian reserve issues. However, in older women the number and quality of her eggs decline, making pregnancy difficult. In these cases, fertility doctors will recommend IVF.


Tubal reversal surgery and one cycle of IVF cost about the same amount, between ten and fifteen thousand dollars. But IVF may require to be performed repeatedly.


Women who want multiple additional children and who had a well-performed tubal ligation should go for tubal reversal surgery at Los Angeles since a one-time procedure will let them have any number of children. On the other hand, with IVF you would need to go through the same process every time you want to become pregnant.

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