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Wondering why your IVF Cycle didn’t work?

Wondering why your IVF Cycle didn’t work?

Couples invest a great deal of time, energy and money into an individual IVF cycle. Unfortunately, all cycles are not successful. There could be several potential causes for a failed IVF cycle. You should ask –

  • Did a sufficient number of eggs grow?
  • Did the eggs fertilize normally?
  • Were there any problems with the quality of the embryos?
  • Does the endometrial lining function normally to allow proper implantation?
  • Could any hormonal changes have affected the implantation window?
  • Is there an underlying immunologic condition that could cause IVF failure?
  • Could something within the pelvis anatomy affect pregnancy?

If the first IVF cycle is not successful, you and your doctor need to use the learnings from that cycle to increase the likelihood of the successive cycle.

Once the possible reasons for failure have been reviewed, your doctor may recommend additional tests or protocol for a future IVF cycle. Each person or couple is unique and what works for one may not work for another. There is a way for you to achieve a successful pregnancy, as long as you are open to various treatment options. Your doctor would consider all variables and adjust them according to your individual needs in order to optimize her chances of having a baby.

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